How Could This Cat Tease Me? (Picked up by Dummy Novels)

Synopsis (a lazy one):

Copy 1:

The entire entertainment circle knew that Xia Rong and Su Chi seemed to be natural enemies.  Same time of debut, same period of increasing popularity, opposing each other in their careers, with fans constantly ripping in the other in a frenzy.

Xia Rong began with this thought as well, all the way until he found out Su Chi’s secret —— Su Chi could shapeshift?!

Su Chi: “The issue of me turning into a cat, help me keep it a secret.”

Xia Rong: “Why should I!”

Su Chi: “Since you stroked me… … for an entire night.”

Xia Rong: “… …”

Copy 2:

Ever since Xia Rong found out that Su Chi  could turn into a catmoreover, the shape shifting ignored time, place, as well as the person in question’s wishes, the other often relied on him to help cover up.

Former rival transformed into the obedient cat under his palm, Xia Rong happily rubbed the cat: “Hahahaha Su Chi, even you have today! Meow… … Meow meow meow ao?”

Surprises always come suddenly.

Xia Rong was unresigned: “Meow ow ow ow! Is shapeshifting into a cat infectious?!”

Su Chi: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll steal cat food to raise you ^_^”

Some people appear to be well off, in reality, not only do they have a cat in private, the cat is also their boyfriend =v=.

【This novel’s CP: Aloof, reserved on the surface but fiery and passionate within Gong x Beautiful, foolishly cute Shou 】

I’m sorry, the rest of the author’s note is too long.  I have died x.x

Indonesian Translation

Chinese Title: 这喵怎么撩我【娱乐圈】

Author: 蒸蒸与上


Chapter 1: Single for Too Long, Even Cats Look Attractive

Chapter 2: Xia Rong, You are Simply Scum!

Chapter 3: Why Did You Change Back Again!

Chapter 4: Xia Rong said to Su Chi : “Really Didn’t Expect This.”

Chapter 5: Is This Your Long Lost Biological Brother?

Chapter 6: This Scene is Actually Quite Ambiguous

Chapter 7: Ignorant Human, Don’t Underestimate My Cat!

Chapter 8: Beg Me Ah, Beg Me and I’ll Help You

Chapter 9: With a Sodden Face, Su Chi Was Petrified in Place

Chapter 10: I’m With Xia Rong Right Now

Chapter 11: Two Gays Screwing in Broad Daylight!

Chapter 12: Could it be That Loss is Inevitable After Just Meeting?

Chapter 13: Fuck! Who Pulled My Tail?!

Chapter 14: If You Don’t Believe it, Look Up, Who Have the Heavens Spared

Chapter 15: The Most Handsome People in the Universe

*April Fools Chapter 15

Chapter 16: I Accepted This Variety Show For You, Not So You Could Start a Relationship

Chapter 19 onwards (LINK TO DUMMY NOVELS)

6 thoughts on “How Could This Cat Tease Me? (Picked up by Dummy Novels)

  1. I was trying to find chapter 19 of this novel. Was this trans dropped along the road? I love the story and it was a cliff hanger on the last chapter. Please continue translating. I can help you edit.


  2. Hello, I’m Reo/Megu from Indonesia. I was very interested when I saw the synopsis of this novel in NU and wanted to translate it into Indonesian. so, can I ask your permission to translate it and post it on my Wattpad account? Of course I will also include this site as an English translator to my Wattpad account so other people know I translated this novel from your site.

    thank you for the time, I hope you can consider it, and I will wait your reply soon.


    1. I’m glad you are interested in this novel, whether or not you want to translate it into Indonesian is completely up to you but I would like to mention that I made edits to the text, sentence rearrangements, summarization of idioms and such which would result in themes that were lost in translation. I suggest you refer to the original text and use mine as a supporting document.

      Someone else (wagahaineko) also contacted me about translating it into Indonesian about a month ago and I gave them a similar response but I have no idea if my email got through. You may wish to contact them?

      My translations, as you’ve probably noticed, are very slow. I will try to pick up the pace…..later. If you aren’t deterred though, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. Please remember to credit and link the raws.


      1. ah, is that so? if so I will contact Wainaheko first.
        thank you for taking the time to reply and give your permission


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