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Have already stared at the boss’ face for half an hour, he’s still not awake.

Was last night exhausting?

Looking at his drained* face, he must have worked hard.

He he**.

*肾虚 (Shen Xu) – the term used here was renal deficiency, generally associated with weakness in a certain area. Mhm, I’m sure you guys understand.

**呵呵 – Flat, mirthless laughter.



Impulsiveness is the devil……is the devil……

I need to calm down……I need to restrain myself……

Committing murder overseas will still lead to jail time……

Although he sullied my chrysanthemum, I can’t be jailed just because of this scum who took advantage of my situation!



Screw staying calm!!!!!

I want to kill him!!



Fuck ah……



I want to die……

So shameful……

The boss woke up, said that after I got drunk yesterday, he carried me back to the hotel, but then I was crazily drunk and threw up all over him.  He took off my clothes for me, helped to give me a shower, took a shower himself and came out to find me doing physio……

Physio ah……


He said that he tried to stop me but I almost fought with him, accused him of “conspiring to harm Us*”, and tried to stab him with the massager……

Forget about just stabbing him, I even tried to use my “Imperial sword**” to block his mouth……

*朕 – Imperial “We”

**尚方宝剑 – Sword of state, chinese version of 007’s license to kill.



This must be the disciplining of my temperament!!

Doesn’t Thailand have those famous fortune changing shamen? Please recommend!  I can’t stand this cursed fate anymore!!



What the heck is “the only way to break the cursed fate is if the boss and I get together”?!

I solemnly and formally declare: I am a straight man, from head to foot, from young to old, from body to heart!  Even my big d*** is as straight as a pen!!



To thank my boss for his consideration towards me, today, I invited him to a massage.

Not sure if it’s because of the cursed physique or fate’s arrangement, after we changed, two older aunties came in and, although I’m not sure about the one who massaged the boss, my mine was really extremely strong ah!  Just like kneading dough! Enduring was so painful! That auntie even used clumsy chinese to tell me that my shoulder was extremely stiff! Fuck, I clenched my teeth to prevent myself from screaming; I bore with it, endured for an hour, and the result was that when the auntie massaged me from my neck to my tailbone, I don’t know where she pressed but it suddenly felt incredibly numb and I couldn’t help but yell out!  And it was the lecherous kind!! The kind with lilts*!! A yelp with every press, I completely couldn’t stop!! Damn it, even I felt that I was incredible to be able to call out with that gv kind of style!!!

*Raws said that “It was the kind with many turns” but it’s hard to understand so make do pls.


After I finished shouting, I was extremely mortified, and didn’t dare to look at the boss’ reaction even at the end.

Don’t know if it was my misperception but I felt that, as we walked out of the massage parlour, even the expression that he looked at me with had changed……



Went snorkeling today, hired a professional instructor and I think he’s gay.  Because, that retard would take any opportunity to take advantage of the boss and eat tofu, and then the lil slut puts on this super innocent and completely natural appearance of “I’m just too professional, too diligent in teaching”.

The boss is also an idiot!  He’s almost been stroked all over alright?!

If it was me*, I would crush his balls!!!

*要我 more significant later



Not “if he takes me”, I will crush his balls……it’s “if it was me”, I will crush his balls……*

Can this post be fixed……

You guys should come to Thailand to purge the corruption, evil, and filth, reportedly, the Erawan Shrine is very effective……

*要我 could mean to take, to want, etc. while 要是我 means “if it was me”.  MC left out a character, which provides room for misunderstandings. It could’ve been misunderstood as “Fuck me and I’ll crush his balls” o.o



Something that undermined my three views* had just happened……

That retarded instructor, I really couldn’t idly watch his salacious manner that barely fell short of directly sticking his hand into the boss’ swim trunks.  One must strike decisively, I directly swam over and shoved his head into the water, then had them change to a new instructor……

After venting my anger, the boss looked at me with a complex and conflicted expression……said that I ruined his affair, he was just flirting with that retard……

Fuck!!!  He actually took a fancy to that retard!!  Wasn’t it just a licentious sissy, that damn transvestite**?

*Beliefs, Values and Worldview I think




Oh, of course the issue of his sexual orientation also greatly shocked me!  But his shitty taste made people want to curse more! Could it be that you guys never think “this kind of retard actually caught his eye, is he also a retard” or something similar like a normal human being???



Does the partner of a one night stand not need to be chosen?  Shouldn’t they be chosen?! Shouldn’t they!!! I don’t have a guilty conscience!!  Straight men don’t need to have a guilty conscience!! My big d*** is the guiding light of my sexual orientation!  Whoever accuses me of feeling guilty again, I’ll curse you!!



Fuck, my big d***’s radar seems to have broken……



I am a straight man, straight for a lifetime……

The radar just needs to be repaired a little, what’s wrong with it failing occasionally!?

It can’t be like this ahahahahah!  Why does it have to be like this!!!

Don’t play me ah!!!!!



Thanks to the friend who recommended 《Ai Ling Ling》* to me, I hummed it for the entire day.

Spirit of the sky, spirit of the earth, give me direction, I don’t know if I should let go or grab tightly.

Pitch too high but very vivid, these are my current feelings.

Could it be that the continuous humiliation of myself in front of my boss was the reminder given to me by the heavens?

It can’t be that this curse would only disappear if the two of us got together, right……

*爱灵灵 by Dai Ai Ling.  My english translation of lyrics are questionable but “Spirit of the sky, spirit of the earth” is basically the Chinese version of abracadabra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JzV8xiH76U



In fact, you guys all guessed it……the radar fell into enemy hands ah……

Ai……Walked along the beach yesterday, the result was that I stepped on coral because I was blind.  I twisted my ankle a bit and the boss worriedly came to show concern, asked if I was in pain, and willingly piggybacked me back to the hotel.  After returning to the hotel, he even massaged my foot for me. It actually didn’t hurt anymore but I still didn’t refuse and let him massage it for half an hour……When we went out to eat shrimp that night, he even peeled shrimp for me, peeled shrimp ah!  In the past, I only did this for women, no one had ever peeled shrimp for me!

His appearance with his head lowered, how to say it……looked really really nice.

At that instant, my heart felt kind of itchy, just……quite moved, don’t know why……

There was this “shot through the heart” kind of feeling……You know, you clearly know what the deal is……

That was the feeling of falling in love!



So vexed.

Where is the meaning of life?

Why do humans live?

What is the secret of the universe?

Was I cursed by someone?

If one was destined to be gay, why did I have to be born a straight male for the first 20-some years?





Returned to the country in a muddle headed daze, rushed to watch my treasured avs the moment I got home.  Fortunately, d*** is still functional, but why did I imagine the boss instead of the actress every time……the awkwardness was really godly!

Thailand is poisonous!  Before going, I was still a straight man, but now I returned bent!  Poisonous ah!!


Hmm~ Almost at the end~ What’s worse? Waking up to find that you were slept by your boss or waking up to find that you did physio in front of your boss and assaulted him with the equipment? hehehe

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