Woke Up and Heard I was Married


Shao Si’s been in bad health since childhood, only having survived till now because of accidentally getting bound to a ghost-like life extension system – And since stepping foot into the entertainment world, life has gotten even more eventful…

System: We are the ultimate “dark secret” juggernaut, our goal is to purify and restore peace in the entertainment world, exposing all corruption and shady business to the public!

Shao Si: listen to all this nonsense you’re blabbering.

He’s somehow managing to stay alive…But the night Shao Si wins a Xiaojinren (golden trophy) and becomes the industry’s youngest film emperor, he unexpectedly also manages to ‘get married’ overnight.

Because the stylists of both parties coincidentally styled the two with matching rings, the fans of both parties collectively exploded on Weibo.

Woke up and heard that I was married…【incredulous look XD】
Thank you to the netizens for inexplicably getting me married.

MC and ML are both film emperors and start off on the wrong foot, but the two husbands end up working together to crack different mysteries and cases 【what the heck?!】

【“More than meets the eye” Gong whose mysterious personality hides under a gentlemanly façade x Shou with “Terminal laziness cancer” (AKA is lazy AF) who comes off as being out of everyone’s league but isn’t actually unapproachable.】

Chinese Title: 一觉醒来听说我结婚了

Author: 木瓜黄 Mu Gua Huang



Chapter 1.1: You Won’t Die

Chapter 1.2: You Won’t Die

Chapter 2: ‘Dark Secrets’ Juggernaut

Chapter 3: With All Due Respect, You Don’t Have a Good Eye for Beauty

Chapter 4: Ethereal Aristocratic Youth Who Walks on a Path of Ice and Snow

Chapter 5: Don’t frickin’ let me hear the words ‘Lady Returning to the Village’ ever again!

Chapter 6: This Chapter Was Out of My Control 

Chapter 7: Heard I Got Married?

Chapter 8: System, You’re Such a Crow-mouth

Chapter 9: Gu Yanzhou had an overcoat draped over his shoulders, looking clean-cut and dapper. He lifted his eyes, gaze unreadable.

5 thoughts on “Woke Up and Heard I was Married

  1. hello I’m from myanmar. I want to retranslate “wake up and heard i was married”. If you don’t mind, please allow me? I will give full credit to you.


  2. Hello, I am wondering if I would have your permission to translate “Woke Up and Heard I Was Married” into portuguese? Of course, with due credit!


    1. Thank you for checking on me T_T I’m alive and sorry for the delay with the chapters *deep bow*. Hope you’re enjoying what’s out so far, and ch 4 will be coming out soon!


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